Client Ranking Update –John James Furnishings

It’s been two months since I began search engine optimisation for John James Furnishings and so far the results have been a success. Yesterday I received an email from Alison;

Okay so there are a few legitimate reasons why you may choose to sign over your domain name, maybe a family member that you can trust, but I’ve been noticing

Important Rules to Consider When Choosing a Domain Name

For 99% of the projects I take on, a domain is already part of the equation. However I’ve been called on to provide advice when choosing a domain name so

The Five P’s and Planning Your Success with a Web Design ranking

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance Strategy is key when planning your business but it’s alarming how many businesses don’t have a desired outcome when it comes to designing a website

Client Ranking Review – John James Furnishings

I am so happy to announce this. I begun doing optimising John James Furnishings in November ’14 and after just one month their ranking is getting better and better. Page

Domain Registrations Do Affect SEO

For years the rumour has been that changing the registrar length of time, whether it be 2 years or more affects the overall ranking of a website. Truth is nobody

SEO has more demand than Web Design According to Trends

Okay, okay!!  This is an obvious one and we saw this one coming right from 2010 onwards so I won’t claim credit for this find, hehe. But the question is,

Quality Content On Your Website

So you’re trying to find something on Google and bang – you’ve found what you were looking for. You click on the link and you’re taken to a page and