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    Improve your Rankings in Google

I do web design, branding and search engine optimisation, and I am based in Ross-on-Wye Herefordshire. My goal is to make sure your site ranks as high as possible on Google.  This ensures that your visitors have the very best user experience, resulting in more page views and ultimately, increased sales and a higher profit. I have done SEO work for companies based across the three counties including Ross-on-Wye, Hereford, Gloucester, Monmouth and Newport. I’ve provided website design, consultancy, and freelance work for different developers, to keep their clients happy. It’s all about making the web better.

So where do we begin?

First, I analyse your site, giving it a full assessment, which will provide valuable information about your site, and highlight any issues and penalties you may have. Then, I determine a plan of action to prepare your site for more traffic. Remember, SEO isn’t just about getting more traffic but improving your UX (user experience). This is done by making the site accessible and easy to use, and the content, relevant and user friendly.  It is a simple case of developing good content that is as Google friendly as possible.

Google Friendly. Sorry …what?

Google friendly means relevance and relevance is everything when it comes to ranking on its search facility (or pages). Having more and more links with little relevancy, just does not work anymore. Google really wants to know whether the content on your site is relevant and productive to the visitor, so it can justify its organic ranking. If it is not, then your site just gets pushed down the SERPS (search engine result pages) in favour for more relevant pages. Simple.

Consultation, Advice and SEO Audits

I have recently revised my support structure to better manage my increasing workload, and I currently charge £30 per hour consultation fees. If you need an SEO audit / website health check, these can be provided for just £70.
An SEO audit with myself is a prerequisite of any SEO or internet marketing project.

Supercharge Your Website

These contracts are for either 6 or 12 months,  for an effective campaign.


I can build you a responsive site that is best for your budget, that can rank really well on both Google and Bing. Content management systems that you can log into, and add or edit your own content, with blog and e-commerce facilities.
Essentially it is supposed to say what you’re all about, and I take this very seriously, along with your main goals. Contact me to find out more.

I currently offer my services and support to Ross-on-Wye, Gloucester, Hereford, Wye Valley, Forest of Dean, Cinderford, Mitcheldean, Monmouth and Newport and more. Unlike other designers that charge you over £30 a month for hosting, there are no monthly payments necessary with my services. You simply pay your own hosting company, which I will assist in setting up with you. Before any site is built, careful planning is used to ensure maximum performance with Google and Bing. A full backup is made after final design and build, as a precaution. My interests are the same as yours – to improve your business and bring you success on the internet.

A good site should inspire the customer to engage in the content. To subscribe, or buy that particular product. It’s a statement of the company or organisation, and it’s more than just a business card or a leaflet online. It represents your identity and footprint on the web. I take it seriously, because a well-done website and good SEO, can launch your business and increase profit margins. I’ve found a lot of the time, a simple WordPress site can generated their owner a turnover of over £500,000 a year. Of course, their traffic was generated from Google organic results; But it just goes to show the power of a well done, scripted, and responsive site that communicates well with its customers. I aim to do just that, and once we have established your goals over a pot of tea, we can get down to the business.